Google Adwords Pay Per Click Advertising

Use Google Ads to drive traffic to your site and to increase your brand recognition.  You only pay when someone clicks on one of your Ads, so this is known as Pay Per click (PPC) advertising.

How does PPC advertising work?

PPC Ads are triggered when a customer searches on Google using keyword phrases that we’ll use in your campaign.  We’ll write an Ad for each Ad group with a list of keywords associated with that Ad.

Unlike traditional advertising methods like radio or print, your business Ads will only be shown, by Google, to people who are looking for someone who does exactly what you do!

This means that all of your PPC traffic is highly targeted.

Is it expensive?

It’s entirely up you how much you spend!  Your campaign allows you to set a daily and/or monthly budget so it’s impossible for your costs to spiral out of control, you’ll know exactly what you’re spending and have full control over it.

A google Adwords campaign can also help new sites that are still getting established on Google start getting traffic, and is also a great way to help when a rebuilt site takes an SEO hit, so we offer Google Adwords PPC campaigns as a great way to get traffic to your site and increase your brand presence.

Finding targeted keyword phrases

Building a carefully targeted campaign

Using Google’s Keyword planner tool, we’ll build you a targeted campaign aimed at your demographic with multiple Ad groups based on keyword phrases likely to generate traffic to your site that will convert to sales or leads.

Ongoing support

Our Adwords service includes three months support after the campaign goes live to optimise and streamline it until it’s generating revenue for your business.  We’ll explain everything that’s going on so that after three months you can make an informed decision about how to move forward with the campaign including taking over control of it yourself.

Controlling your campaign

With the ability to set a daily and monthly budget, it’s impossible for your costs to spiral out of control, and the statistics that the campaign provides enable you to closely monitor performance and make informed decisions about how to structure your Ads.

We’ll track which keywords and Ad groups are performing well and track conversions where possible so that you can know which keyword generated the click through and exactly what that sale or lead cost you.

Controlling your budget

Google Adwords campaign with three months support – £275

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